Something to do tonight

Two things to recommend if you're looking for something to do tonight:

Portugal's X-Wife is playing at Pianos - they go on at 7:30. This is their last show in the U.S. on their trip. They hope to be back next year, but catch them tonight if you can - you will not be disappointed. (As should be evident from the "Eno" MP3 available on their site.)

Simply put, Andy C is the best drum n' bass DJ in the world and tonight marks a rare NYC appearance for him. He'll be joined by MC GQ for a 2 hour set at The City Club (250 W. 26th St.), with John B (who certainly holds his own) also on the bill from the UK. Drum n' bass DJ's don't pull me in like they once used to, but Andy C is an exception. His NYC sets are always on weekdays - he's usually in London on weekends - but tonight is a weekday only for him. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow and there is no excuse.

We'll be too stuffed to post tomorrow and sleeping all day Friday, but we'll be back next week.